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On April 29, 2013 held a student scientific and practical conference on the theme: "Reforming the civil law in the Russian Federation."

The conference was organized and held a chair of the legal and social science disciplines.

The conference was attended by 1st and 2nd courses students of the Institute, faculty of the Department: Associate Professor, PhD Tselovalnikova IJ, Associate Professor, PhD Simonishvili LR, teachers EV Baranov, Lebedev D.

The conference was chaired by the Head of legal and social sciences Candidate of Historical Sciences, Professor VI Kirmikchi. The conference was attended acting Rector doctor of historical sciences, Professor AA Mikhin.

The speakers at the conference were the following students 1 and 2 courses of the Institute:

1. Changes in the civil legislation of the Russian Federation on January 1, 2013. Nesterenko Irina, VDYU-2
2. Commitments. Mirzoeva Elmira, VDYU-2
3. The legal personality of individuals. Gorbovskaya Evgeniya, VDYU-2
4. Value concepts of the contract and the deal in the civil law of the Russian Federation. Saburova Anna VDYU-2
5. Mortgage. Adamyan Zhorzhik, VDYU-2
6. Protection of civil rights. Adamyan Zhirair, VDYU-2
7. Lobbying in Russia. Kazarian Miriam VDYU-1
8. The principle of separation of powers: the problems of implementation in the Russian Federation. Terekhova Larisa, VDYU-1

Supervisors of student research papers were the following teachers of the department: Tselovalnikova IY, Simonishvili LR, Kirmikchi VI, MA Aghajanyan

Presentations by the following students have been recognized as the best: I. Nesterenko, Mirzoeva E., M. Kazarian