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Since 2005 Non-state educational institution of higher professional education "Moscow Tax Institute" conducted a comprehensive work on systematization process of organizational, methodological, metrology and information requirements of the registration of crude oil, ensuring the authenticity, accuracy, completeness and traceability of measurement and accounting information. Their main provisions of the proposed methodology to reveal the determination of crude oil for tax purposes, which can be used in the development of corporate requirements.

Unfortunately, existing approaches to the determination of the amount of oil produced not only does not reflect the economic aspects of the subsurface, but do not provide an objective and reliable assessment of quantitative and qualitative indicators of recoverable resources. In most oil companies engaged in hydrocarbon production, including government, corporate requirements established techniques, which result in significant economic and fiscal risks as direct users of mineral resources and mineral owners in the bowels of the state. The technique allows to provide once separate accounting of hydrocarbons necessary for a fair determination of the amount of oil produced from hard-to-stock and on the continental shelf of the Russian Federation under the orders of the Government of the Russian Federation. Implementation of the methodology of the Moscow Tax Institute will increase the payment of the severance tax on a case by case basis at 0.05-2% (the lost up to 5%). In the framework of the Russian Federation, this value is estimated at 21-840 tonnes per year (100 million - 4 billion rubles a month). The book "Methods of determining the amount of oil produced for tax purposes" has already received the approval of the executive authorities of the Russian Federation and sent to the oil producers of the country (see annex).